Where Can Injured North Carolina Workers Get Help?

Workers should be able to do their jobs without any worries about their health, safety, and well-being. Employers should provide them with a reasonably safe environment and listen to their concerns. In case a worker gets injured on the job, immediate help should be extended, and the process of compensation should start moving.

The state requires employers to carry workers compensation insurance. This acts as an immediate solution that prevents costly litigation and preserves harmonious working relationships. So where can injured North Carolina Workers get help? The following steps should be followed according to the NC Industrial Commission:

Medical Treatment

The most important thing is to get medical treatment right away. A doctor should examine the injuries sustained and appropriate remedies should be taken to put the worker out of harm’s way. Recovery and rehabilitation may follow, if necessary. In some companies, there is an on-site health care provider that can attend to accident victims in a snap. In others, workers may have to go to a designated health care office as directed by the employer. The rest will simply have to go to a facility that can adequately provide for their medical needs. Minor injuries may be treated by a family doctor. Others may have to be rushed to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

Proper Billing

Tell the health care provider that the injuries sustained were due to a work-related accident and name the employer to facilitate the bill processing to the appropriate party. They should be able to bill for the treatments provided with a workers’ compensation claim. Injured persons should then be able to focus on getting better instead of worrying about the substantial cost of medical services. The main goal is to return to previous shape and be able to work again in the soonest possible amount of time.

Employer Report

Employers should be informed about the incident as soon as possible. It would be best if the injured workers are able to explain what happened personally. However, this is often difficult because of the extent of their injuries. Family members, friends, or health care providers can relay the information on behalf of the worker. The important thing is that the notification is provided quickly and that the relation of the injuries to the work of the person is established. A more formal written notice can be provided later, but usually within thirty days of the accident stating the date of the incident and a description of the injury.

Legal Assistance

The insurance system should be able to move towards covering the bills while the worker recovers. If it does not, then getting a Durham workers comp attorney should be considered to set the record straight.

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